Risk management

Trading in the foreign exchange market carries the risk of losing part or all of the funds. The risk level is influenced by many factors, which are objectively difficult to control manually.

The company has developed a system of external control over the trading of traders, accessible to everyone. A trader can set a number of restrictions, when one of them is implemented, transactions will be automatically closed and the possibility of trading will be blocked for a certain period of time. Also, any instantaneous change in the level of restrictions is not possible in the direction of increase, therefore, the trader cannot increase his losses beyond the originally defined restrictions at the time of the loss increase.

The psychological state of the trader Calm Psychological pressure Setting restrictions (produced in calm environment without the influence of emotions) Change restrictions (only possible after a certain time that gives opportunity to trader stabilize the psychological state) Setting limits (errors due to pressure of emotions) Change restrictions Losses! (increase in level potential losses at the time losses up to"discharge") Losses (due to incorrect exposed restriction levels) Implementation of restrictions (Stop-Loss, etc.) New Errors and Losses (due to continued trading under psychological by pressure from the losses just received) TRADE TRADE TRADE TRADE CONTINUED TRADE TRADE TIME BEFORE UNLOCKING TRADE OPPORTUNITIES STABILIZATION PSYCHOLOGICAL TRADER STATUS TRADE

You can familiarize yourself with the types of restrictions and the features of their functioning in the " Functional ” section.


Removing the psychological burden from the trader due to the understanding that the specified levels of loss limits cannot be changed during the course of trading.

Inability to continue trading for some time after the implementation of one of the restrictions (usually until the beginning of the next trading week). This excludes trading in a state of psychological pressure (the trader has time to calm down and review his mistakes until next week).

The inability of the trader to change the levels of restrictions instantly: submission to change the level of restrictions is executed no earlier than the beginning of the next trading week. Thus, the trader cannot increase the level of losses in a state of psychological pressure.

Protection against erroneous actions of the trader, committed under the influence of strong emotions.

Protection against"emissions"/"black swans", etc. Not in all cases, a trader can instantly react to sudden unforeseen movements in the market, due to which a loss can be received significantly more than expected. The external risk management system works around the clock and responds instantly, which can help minimize losses (it should be borne in mind that the risk management system cannot bypass such market attributes as "slippage”, "requotes”, etc.).

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