Bitcoin Core Dev Claims Ethereum (ETH) Can Go to Zero, Vitalik Strikes Back

03.09.2018, 19:51

Most of the people involved with crypto believe that Ethereum (ETH), the second biggest cryptocurrency by market capitalisation, is a coin that will always be needed. However, there have always been theories that the ETH token itself may become obsolete, and the network could function without the asset.

Bitcoin Flat; Japan Tightens Registration Process for Crypto Exchanges

03.09.2018, 18:50

Cryptocurrencies were mixed on Monday, with Bitcoin flat as trade remained thin due to the U.S. holiday.

Tether (USDT) Starts September with Treasury Intervention

03.09.2018, 17:48

Bitcoin (BTC) prices are once again finding support from Tether (USDT), after the treasury wallet sent 100 million tokens to the Bitfinex hot wallet, in yet another move allegedly aimed at propping up cryptocurrency prices.

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Set to Reach $143,900 by 2028, Satis Analysts Predict

03.09.2018, 16:44

Satis Group, a cryptocurrency and initial coin offering (ICO) advisory firm, expects the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to surge drastically over the next 10 years despite the recent market downtrend.

EOS Climbs 10.03% In a Green Day

03.09.2018, 15:42

EOS was trading at $6.6220 by 22:21 (02:21 GMT) on the Index on Saturday, up 10.03% on the day. It was the largest one-day percentage gain since August 17.