Who are we?

CMC Capital is a leading global investment and brokerage investment and securities and cryptocurrency management company that provides a wide range of financial services for a significant and diversified client base, which includes corporations, financial institutions, and individuals. The headquarters of the company is located at -
48 Dover Street, London, England, W1S 4FF and has offices in almost all major financial centers around the world.

We report our activities in the following four business segments:


    We give you the opportunity to independently trade in more than twenty international financial markets with fast and direct execution of orders. We have established ourselves as market leaders in terms of innovation and the introduction of new technologies. For complete security and transparency of the business, assets that are used in trading on international markets are placed on a depo account. To do this, when trading on international stock markets, a separate securities account must be opened.


    We facilitate operations with clients and create markets with fixed income, stocks, currency and commodity products, primarily with institutional clients such as corporations, financial institutions, investment funds. We also carry out markets and carry out transactions with clients on major stock, option and futures exchanges around the world, as well as provide financing, securities lending and other primary brokerage services to institutional clients.


    We invest and provide loans to finance customers. These investments and loans are usually long-term in nature. We make investments, some of which are consolidated directly and indirectly through funds and individual accounts that we manage, in debt securities and loans, state and private securities, as well as in real estate.


    We provide investment management services and offer investment products (mainly through separate managed accounts and mixed vehicles such as mutual funds and private equity funds) for all major asset classes for a wide range of institutional and individual clients. We also offer wealth counseling services, including portfolio management and financial advice.

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